Stuffed Panda Bear Facts

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All plush toys have their own personalities and looks that we find appealing. It's pretty tough to find anyone that isn't instantly attracted to stuffed panda bears given we find the real thing simply irresistible. They translate very well into plush toys and are another bear that's been modelled after the teddy.

Like the teddy bear, stuffed panda bears are extremely popular. Unless you live in one of the few places in the world that have zoos with panda's, the only place to see them is on television or in the movies. While a stuffed panda bear can't ever make up for seeing the real thing in person, at the very least, a stuffed panda bear is a forever keepsake that you can have (and look at) for a lifetime.

If you want to find a panda bear in the wild, you will have to travel to China, where they live up high in the mountains amongst bamboo filled forests. On the other hand, for a stuffed panda bear, no travel is necessary beyond hopping into a car (or going on the Internet) for a trip to the local toy store. Southern and eastern China, along with Burma and northern Vietnam, were once able to boast about high populations of pandas, but due to expanding human populations, along with loss of their habitat because of ongoing building, pandas now only exist in about 20 patches of forest (in the mountains of China). Along with China's government, the World Wildlife Foundation is working to create wildlife reserves for the pandas, in addition to extending reserves that already exist, so the bears can thrive and live in peace. In the Minshan Mountains [of China], an astounding 45% of the panda population can be found (around 720 pandas). In the Quinling Mountains, an additional 20% of the panda population resides (around 200-300 pandas).

Like the way they look, pandas are a peaceful, gentle animal. They will however, become aggressive if and when necessary. They have few natural enemies but some do exist jackals, leopards, and a relative of the weasel family called yellow-throated marten; it's the baby pandas that are most at risk with these predators. Pandas can weigh up to 330 pounds and have extremely strong jaws and molar teeth - they are equipped to fight back if they have to. In addition to their physical attributes, pandas are also adept climbers and excellent swimmers, so they have other means of escaping a threat besides standing their ground and fighting.

Unlike some species that have the potential to disappear because of over-hunting by their natural predators, panda bear populations are strictly threatened because of humans. But, as humans, we also have the means to save these precious bears. We can donate to organizations that work tirelessly to both educate and ensure panda habitats remain intact. We can spread the word about the dangers to the panda population. Of course, having a stuffed panda bear is yet another way to draw attention to the pandas plight.
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Stuffed Panda Bear Facts

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This article was published on 2010/10/08