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While it's always a treat for a child to receive a stuffed animal, especially when they least expect one, getting a panda bear plush toy is an even bigger thrill.

Panda bears are an animal in which we have an enormous amount of love and fascination for if for no other reason than because it is not the type of animal we get to see everyday. In fact, outside of just a few select zoos in the world (The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., is one) there is no other place to see these amazing creatures except in their wild homes in the remote mountains of China. Since panda bear plush toys have been designed to match the exact specifications of the real thing, our ongoing love affair with these adorable mask-faced bears lives on through stuffed animals.

Giant pandas are black and white in color and have bodies that are typically like any other bear. Its ears are black as are its muzzle, legs, shoulders, and patches around its eyes. The rest of its fur coat is white. Scientists are not quite sure why pandas have such unusual black and white coloring but some speculate that it helps provide them with camoflage within their snowy and rocky homes. The pandas thick fur coat helps to insulate it against the cold in the high elevations in which they live between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. Pandas also have large molar teeth and very strong jaws which they need to crush the bamboo on which they feast nearly all day everyday. Despite how cute and cuddly we think pandas are, like any bear, they can be dangerous if and when threatened. That, however, does not stop us from continuing to love our panda bear plush animals. No matter how dangerous a panda can be, that does not deter us from our continued adoration of all things panda.

Giant pandas are comparable in size to the American black bear, which means that when on all four legs, they are about two or three feet tall at the shoulder and reach lengths of four to six feet. If you want a panda bear plush that is comparable in size to the real thing, look no further than a few online stores. Some boast a panda bear plush that is a stunning 3.5 feet tall a true plush treasure for any lover of pandas. Like most species of animal, male pandas are larger than females weighing in at up to 250 pounds (females rarely, if ever reach 220 pounds.)

Panda bears are listed as an endangered species with only about 1,600 of them left in the wild. Another 300 or so live in zoos and breeding centers around the world though most of those are located in China. To further the cause of bringing attention to the pandas ongoing plight, purchasing a panda bear plush animal is a wonderful start.
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Panda Bear Plush

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This article was published on 2010/11/10